Solar & CHP Applications

Murano Concepts is a full-service integrator, provider, installer and wholesale distributor of renewable solar energy systems and components for a broad spectrum of small, medium to large installations and developments worldwide. Solar power is a safe, clean and renewable energy resource that will no doubt play a vital role in powering our future.

Solar power is becoming a key driver in the market for renewable energy. The rapid development of solar energy technology has made solar power a proven alternative to conventional energy systems in recent years, and the market is quickly growing. Murano Concepts mission is to provide the world a source of clean renewable energy. We believe that solar energy not only has the greatest potential but that photovoltaic technology is the key to sustainable economic and environmental development.

Murano Concepts has successfully installed hundreds of Residential PV systems across USA. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of every home installation and stand behind them as we would any one of our multi-million dollar projects. Our highly skilled technicians, extensive commercial tooling and equipment, and relationships with large supply integrators combine to produce the best residential solar solutions available on the market.

Incentive programs:  Many states now offer some type of incentive program for installing a solar power system on your home or business. Some programs offer rebates, others offer tax credits or a special rate on power generated by your system that is sold to the local power company. Whatever the details, more and more legislation is being put in place nationwide to help assist the user in the installation and use of solar power. For more detailed information contact our office or utility company.

Turnkey project solutions: From soil reports to servicing and maintenance services.
Murano Concepts is specialized in turnkey project solutions. We provide our customers with complete project management. Murano Concepts manages solar system design and engineering, project scheduling, utility interconnection, power purchase agreements, work permit process, installation, inspection, search for rebates and incentives and provide real-time monitoring of your solar project after completion. To say that Murano Concepts is an end-to-end turnkey solutions provider seems adequate.